Single Cup Brewers

We offer many different brands of single cup brewers. It doesn’t matter if you have a plumbing hook up or not, we have a solution for you. Choose from Bodecker, MCA, MCP and Keurig brands. There is no additional rental fee or contract for the brewers. We will provide the brewers free of charge with our service.

  • Avalon Series


    Enhanced with an easy to use interface that welcomes the user to a large selection of coffees and hot beverages, this Avalon coffee machine is an outstanding solution for all coffee lovers.

    37" (H) x 18,5" (W) x 26,5" (D)


    • 2 cup sizes
    • 2 brew strengths
    • Equipped with a whipper to froth your coffee
    • Environmentally friendly

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    A single cup brewing system that is designed for locations where plumbing is available. This is our recommended brewer. A large hot water tank ensures continuous operation thru the day.

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MCP Pod Brewer MCA Pod Brewer Keurig Platinum
MCP Pod Brewer MCA Pod Brewer Keurig Platinum
This is a single cup machine. The MCP is a pour over version. Once you’ve made your favorite coffee the used coffee pod can be put into your compost pile. You can have a cup size of 8 – 12 oz. Dozens of coffees and teas to pick from. This model is plumbed into your water supply. It has the same features and cup sizes as the MCP. The Platinum Keurig is great for small offices that make 5 to 10 cups a day. It has a 2.1 Litre reservoir and can make cup from 4 ounces up to 12 ounces. We have a large selection of k-cups.
Keurig B3000SE Bunn MCO My Cafe Autopod
Keurig B3000SE Bunn MCO My Cafe Autopod
The Keurig B3000SE is the unit that can make coffee cup after cup all day. It is plumbed in to a water line and can make cups from 4 to 10 ounces. It also serves up hot water for your porridge, noodles and whatever your heart desires. We have a huge list of k-cups. The MCO is manufactured by the premier coffee machine company Bunnomatic for K-cup use. This unit has a touch screen for office staff to pick the drink they prefer. It has a variety of cup sizes from tea cup to travel mug. It is designed for the harsh scaled water of Calgary resulting in fewer service calls. The MY CAFE AUTOPOD is a great unit for a high volume office. It uses the pods that are shaped like a Tetley tea bag but are filled with a huge variety of teas and coffees. Not only is it the most economical single cup brewer, it is environmentally friendly as the used pods are compostable.

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