We are proud members of the

Recyling Council of Alberta

At Ryan’s Coffee we believe in environmental sustainability and that we all have the responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that we generate. Single cup coffee is a growing segment in the office coffee services industry. Our customers had concerns about the waste these systems were creating, so we have teamed up with Navajo to reuse these products. Over the years, we have implemented many recycling programs to ensure we do our part in the effort to ‘go green’.

1. Bunn Pods- Bunn Pods are fully compostable and the plastic wrapper is recyclable.
2. Bodecker Pods- The Bodecker cup is aluminum and can be recycled. We collect all client cups and have them taken to Navajo for melting. The aluminium then is processed to be used to make useful items like grocery carts, door frames and other aluminum products.
3. Keurig K Cups- We have been extensively researching uses for the plastic in the K Cups. We hope to have a program in place in the near future.

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Why Ryan's Coffee?

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Fast delivery
  • Delivery throughout Calgary
  • More than just coffee! Get cold drinks and snacks as well
  • No contract, no additional rental fees
  • Serving Calgary and area since 1987

A Note From RyanAt Ryan’s Coffee we try and keep everyone in your office happy! We keep our warehouse full of different products so everyone can choose their own.