We are proud members of the

Recycling Council of Alberta

At Ryans Coffee, we believe in environmental sustainability and that we all have the responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that we generate. Single cup coffee is a growing segment in the office coffee services industry and our customers had concerns about the waste these systems were creating.  We have brought in a number of product lines to offer multiple ways to make our coffee experience greener. We have also teamed up with Navajo metals to recycle our Bodecker products. Over the years, we have implemented many recycling programs to ensure we do our part in the effort to ‘go green’.

  1. Kienna Pods-  These are fully compostable and the plastic wrapper is recyclable.
  2. Bodecker Pods- The Bodecker pod is aluminum and is fully recyclable. Through our collections program all client pods are rounded up and taken to Navajo for smelting. The aluminium then is processed to be used to make useful items like grocery carts, door frames and other aluminum products.
  3. Keurig K Cups- We offer a 100% compostable line of K-cups in a wide range of roasts and flavours.